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We love seeing our clients succeed! It's an absolute pleasure working with them and we're proud to showcase some of our recent highlights.

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NHR Group

Brand Refresh | Special Projects | Digital/Social Media Execution

We were thrilled to provide marketing support to North Harbour Rentals as they underwent the transformation to NHR Group and a national expansion. Through our collaborative efforts, we helped NHR Group establish a strong presence in the market by developing their brand, creating a new logo, launching an aligned marketing communication plan and supporting the launch of their new branches.

Our focus on integrated marketing strategies was key in driving traffic to their website and increasing conversion rates. By seamlessly integrating their booking system with the new website, we ensured a smooth user experience for customers. And by ensuring that every action could be tracked, they were able to start making smart Data Driven decisions based on fact. Additionally, our partnership with print suppliers for eye-catching vehicle wraps and coordination with media partners further enhanced NHR's visibility in the industry. We are proud to have played a role in NHR's growth and expansion as they continue to thrive in the competitive rental market.

Project Goal: To execute a unified brand relaunch and expand its reach nationally via new branches and an easy to use website serving as the hub for all communications. 

Frenchmans Hill Estate

Visual Identity | Website | Marketing Planning | Content Creation

The brand refresh project for Frenchmans Hill Estate on Waiheke Island is more than just a simple makeover - it's a transformation of storytelling through the art of winemaking. Showcasing the dedication and artistry of an artisan winemaker who pours their heart and soul into crafting each exclusive blend. Our goal was to create a visual narrative around the established wine label, bringing to life the textures of the terrain, rich color palette of the sediment, and capturing the essence of this craft through a new website build that would be both impactful and cost-effective. Brand voice played a vital role in this project, with eloquent language used to help tell the winemaker's story and align with his skill and devotion to his craft. This brand refresh not only revitalises Frenchmans Hill Estate but also brings its unique story to life in a way that resonates with wine enthusiasts everywhere. See what we mean at .

Project Goal: To elevate FHE from a local label to a sought-after symbol of authenticity in winemaking through the power of effective branding, marketing strategies and brand repositioning.

Millennium Hotels & Resorts

Strategy | Planning | Brand Control | Campaign Creative & Execution

Our support for the Group Level marketing team at Millennium Hotels & Resorts was a crucial component in helping them find their voice in the New Zealand market. As they shifted their focus from global support to an internal strategic framework, we stepped in as their dedicated marketing strategist and brand execution partner.

Our tailored solutions were designed to bolster their brand presence and also drive direct engagement and impactful results through their website. From creating and executing a national anchor campaign, to designing menus, rebranding restaurants, updating group sales collateral and connecting them with sustainability partner Save the Kiwi, we ensured that every aspect of their marketing efforts was taken care of with precision and creativity. By collaborating closely with the Millennium marketing team, we empowered them to navigate challenges proactively and create a planned marketing environment that would set them up for success in the future. 

Project Goal: Partnering with Millennium Hotel & Resorts NZ internal marketing team to bring innovation, creativity, and brand excellence to the New Zealand market.

SeaCab Cruising

Brand | Visual Identity | Website | Digital/Social Media Marketing 

Our project goal for SeaCab Cruising was to create a new, fun, and lively brand for this little cruising venture in the Bay of Islands. We wanted to retain the sea taxi feel while also standing out among competitors on in the Bay of Islands. To achieve this, we kept the vibrant yellow and black colors from a traditional taxi brand and incorporated them into our branding. Our target audience was families and travelers looking for an affordable and enjoyable cruise experience in the beautiful Bay of Islands.

Despite facing a fast turnaround time, we were able to create and launch the brand within 2 weeks, just before Christmas! The highlight of our work was designing an easy-to-navigate and affordable website that showcased all that SeaCab Cruising has to offer. This was then supported by all wider sales and marketing assets and collateral to support the launch of the business. Working on this project was truly a rewarding experience as we successfully achieved our goal of creating a unique brand identity that resonates with our target audience.

Project Goal: Create a unique brand identity that resonates with the target audience and deliver a business ready, live environment within 2 weeks. Tick!

Aotearoa NZ Histories

Brand | Visual Identity | Copywriting | Audience Segmentation

After launching a new education product into the New Zealand market, Aotearoa NZ Histories found that their brand and visual identity wasn't clearly articulating who they were, what they stood for or who should be engaging with them. We were thrilled to partner with Aotearoa NZ Histories and through our collaborative efforts, we aimed to connect them with the right audience by redefining their branding and key messaging.

Our team guided them through this transformational journey, helping them identify the challenges they faced and paving the way forward towards success. By deeply analyzing their target market, we were able to redefine their audience demographics and craft compelling key messages to elevate its presence in the market and attract industries previously untapped. Building upon these crucial insights, we then applied our findings to create a new brand identity and logo that not only reflected their core values but also propelled both the brand itself and its product offering, setting it up for success in the future ahead.

Project Goal: To elevate the brand and product offering with a fresh new look that resonates with the right audience and reflect the client's commitment to excellence in education for businesses and government clients. 

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